Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

And I got the best mother's day present today - a lie in and breakfast in bed. We had a great dinner last night and it went on til 3am so it felt just like the old days BC (before children!) I cooked up a storm and did a buffet which went down well and the craic was good. Ed was discreetly tidying up and washing up all night so I didn't even have that to contend with this morning - pretty well trained he is... I would say!

So having a lazy day - the kids came back from the overnighter and party and are just pottering around the house colouring in Dora the Explorer print outs. I'm going to try and get some CJ's done today (promise to Isobel!). I made this LO for Scrapwest on Friday and I was really happy with it as they are some of my fav baby photos with mum. She was delighted when I gave it to her yesterday. That's why I love scrapbooking - these photos were up to recently decaying away in one of those nasty plastic albums in my mum's wardrobe and now I can do something creative with them and tell a story for my girls...The only frustrating thing is there's not enough time to get through the millions of photos that I have in my possession!

Anyway enough about that - must get some scrappin' done! Happy Mother's day to all - hope everyone is getting spoilt rotten!