Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A day at the seaside...

Yesterday we got up early despite it being a bank holiday and took an impromptu decision to go on a trip (or a spin as my dad would call it!). We planned on visiting our friends Niamh and Ollie in New Ross. However on the way down we discovered that Niamh had to unexpectedly come up to Dublin as she has just written a book (soon to be launched in May...and watch out for it as it is going to be brilliant!!!) It's called 'Secret diary of a demented housewife' by Niamh Greene and it's published by Penguin. They needed her in Dublin for some prelaunch publicity...interviews for magazines and the like. I'm so chuffed for her as this is going to be the start of something really big and she so deserves it!

Anyway as we were already on the road we continued on to Waterford and ended up in the most picturesque little village of Dunmore East on the south eastern coastline. It was fairly wild and windy but the type of day which blows the cobwebs of your brain away. I just love that fresh healthy smell of sea air. The kids enjoyed a few cold minutes on the beach making sandcastles and we had lunch and pottered around the village.

A funny thing happened on the way back to Waterford. Lucy (age 3... and I swear she is psychic sometimes!) suddenly said out of the blue 'mama can we go to the swings and slides'. I told her there weren't any to play on as we were back in Waterford city at this stage. Lo and behold we turned around the corner only to discover this huge playground in the people's park. 'There they are ' she said, delighted with herself. Ed and I just looked at each other in a sort of freaked out kinda way! We had no choice but to stop and give them a half and hour to burn up some energy before the trip home. That was spooky! Wish she would predict the lotto numbers for me!

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OOO comment box!! Lovely piccies from the weekend.