Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Something crafty...

It's been a while since I showed anything crafty on the blog...what with holidays and keeping the kids occupied since school closed, there's not a lot of time to spare. I've been pottering about in my craftroom especially since my trip to Dublin's new IKEA store for yet another craft storage unit. Everything is nicely organised at last and I can find my stuff where it should be..

So this one was of our first trip to Eurodisney where we met Goofy. He visited the restaurant we were at on our first evening there and the girls were mesmerised by this giant goofball.

This one 'Perfect Pout' was inspired by a LO I saw in a magazine - the photo was perfect for the title. Thankfully she's not always like this!

The next one..I've called 'Home' and I made everyone in the family write out a little card for me to include what they like most about our home...

Finally a home isn't a home without the people you love in it...these are mine..



Karva said...

fantastic Lo Elaine love the pout one :) girls there such drama queens :)

Antoinette said...

I love both your layouts, but your Perfect Pout made me laugh, I have a 7 yo son who deserves a similar page!!!