Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pull up a chair...this is gonna be a long one!

Mid Summer Scrapping Event with Donna and Lance!

Pull up a chair...this is gonna be a long one!

Wow what a day - I'm shattered but in a nice kinda way! Today was our Mid Summer Scrapping Event and it was BRILLIANT - a full on scrap fest at rocket speed. We were treated to Donna's Hybrid album and Lance's Pop up ball album designed by the talented Karen Burniston. Everyone seemed to enjoy the classes and there was such a great buzz in the room!

We had the best time with Donna Downey and Lance Anderson this week. Strangely, it felt like we had our American cousins over to stay for the week as they seemed so at home with us and the kids. Donna and her lovely family came for dinner and a crop on Thursday evening and her kids and my kids just gelled instantly, especially as they bounced on the trampoline until around 10.30pm.

We had such a giggle about her Burger King incident. Of all the things to happen to a visitor to Dublin! This will be on her blog sometime soon! Last night we bbq'd with their family as the weather miraculously turned good enough to eat al fresco. She's such a funny lady with a great knack for telling a story. Must be that Blarney stone! It was a lovely relaxed evening - really enjoyed it!

We had a near miss though yesterday - around 5pm I had a call from Lance to say he had missed his flight because Aer Lingus aka Aer FUNGUS had tried to screw him on the baggage charges to the tune of $1,000 - eek! So by the time he had argued it out they closed the gate and he missed his flight. A frantic hour later and all was sorted. He caught the ferry from Edinburgh to Belfast and I got him a last minute room in the Europa Hotel (he loved the idea that this was once the most bombed hotel in Europe!) and Carrie's kind hubby came to the rescue today by making a long journey to Belfast to pick him up and deposit him in Dundalk where he was ferried by Ed to the event just in the nick of time. What a drama but all's well that end's well!

So here's some photos of our day with Donna and Lance...

Tonight after the big event Ruth and I took Lance on a whirlwind tour of Dublin - quite surprising how much you can see in 30 minutes. He had a funny incident as he stopped outside Christ Church Cathedral to have his photo taken by an old woman who didn't know to use a digital camera. He took lots of shots around Dublin as we drove through the streets. When we got home we had a nice relaxed dinner while Ed and Lance watched the footie and afterwards Lance kindly gave me a one to one lesson on how to make the pop up ball album - what a treat!

So it's all over now and we are so looking forward to welcoming them both back to Dublin sometime soon.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported the event and to all the behind the scenes help! Roll on next time!


Carrie said...

Brilliant event Elaine - I had a great time. Roll on next year to be bigger and better ??!!!!!!! lol

eva birdthistle said...

OMG! What a blast! I'm so exhausted but so happy. Fantastic classes with fantastic classes :) Sign me up for next year!

Kate said...

Thanks for putting up the pics so quickly Lainey, looks like ye had a FANTASTIC time. Hopeflly I can make it next year. Well I did scrap here like I said I would and made my own version of Donna's album (will put it on my blog when it's finished) didn't even dare attempt lance's (wouldn't know where to start LOL) .
Thanks for the pm, i e-mailed Annmarie ;-)

Tigger's rambling said...

Wow it was one fanbloodytastic day....well done everyone :-)

I'm buzzing with ideas and on the drive home I was planning projects. I just need to find the time now. For anyone who missed it....Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah :-) Don't make the same mistake next year LOL

HandcraftedbyRuthie said...

One on one masterclass with Lance Anderson!!!!!!What a fab finish to a wonderful weekend. Tx for everything.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kathj said...

wow it sounds busy but great fun and it looks very successful! well done you on sorting out all the behind the scenes incidents!