Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad bad blogger me...

Ok so it's been a while - hands up I'm sorry ;-) Life has been a bit hectic since Christmas. College assignments have taken over my life along with a very unexpected but very disruptive oil leak in the back of our garden where the neighbour's builders (insert expletives here!!) made a complete &%$£ of the connections and over 400 litres of pure kerosene poured into our property. Since then we have had insurance people and oil remediation people and all sorts of other people pulling our garden apart in the fix up.

Eventually 40 tonnes of oil soaked clay (ie 4 industrial sized skips!!) was removed in a wheelbarrow and the patio dug up. We are nearly there in terms of damage limitation and repair but it has been a stressful and consuming time for us. Thanks goodness for insurance as the damage is hitting €35k++. Soon we will have a new patio and hopefully that's an end to it all (until the next time they fill their tank! hehe!)...

Needless to say crafting has been on the backburner since Christmas but I was inspired to play with paper last weekend and turned out a few using some favourite kits, papers and photos..

Anyway it's time to restart the scrapbooking classes so I'm happy to announce our local venue Le Cheile Donnycarney is available on Sat 10th April for a full day's scrapbooking and papercrafts. We will be using the fabulous new Paper Doll papers from Crate. Watch this space for more details and book your place on www.scrapbooking.ie.

Hope to see you then!


Michelle said...

WELCOME BACK!!! We missed you!! LOL.... Glad the Saturday's are back and Le Cheile decided to let us back, silly people!!

Caroline and Jayne said...

I'm a bad blogger too on my personal blog ! Though we have a lot going on on www.fiskarettes.co.uk including competitions and challenges come and check us out x

Caroline and Jayne said...

I love the layout you have created . And I love Crate paper too atm. We have a competition running where you can win a years subscription of a craft mag check us out over at www.fiskarettes.co.uk

A and E said...

love your style of pages :)

-Alex and Elsie :) x