Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Killiney Beach and memories of the 'DEBS'

Last Sunday we took a trip on the DART out to Killiney Beach. Haven't done that in absolutely years so it was fun to go back. I was sad to see the Killiney Court Hotel is no more - apartments have sprung up in its place. Another victim of that dim and distant memory - the 'Celtic Tiger' which is now more like a beraggled moggy. That was where I had my Deb's dance (debutantes ball/graduation etc etc) many moons ago - as did half of Dublin if I remember well. It was one of the few places which actively encouraged the business of those mad nights!! They had it down to a fine art - naff band, 80's disco (well actually it was the 80's!!) and even the breakfast was served promptly at 6am and then everyone was turfed out on the DART home....ah the memories!

Speaking of Debs, my lovely niece Laura had her own Debs last week. This makes me feel very old as I was her babysitter when she was a mere babe in arms. Debs dances are a much more sophisticated affair these days! Tantastic supermodels in designer frocks and stretch limos are the order of the day. Took a few shots just before she left to party...

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Cheryl Johnson said...

what a lovely looking couple - you found some lovely light Elaine :)