Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dec's 40th Birthday Party

Last night we went to a dear pal's (the bould Declan's) 40th birthday party. A great chance to catch up with the old college crew- what a night! Finished up at 6am! I can't remember the last time I left a party in broad daylight!Birds were singing - too weird! Thank God for overnight babysitters! I made this little album for him of the good 'ole college days- so many great memories!

Another pal Elaine was also celebrating her 40th so I made this album about our travels to Greece in the 90's. I love making these albums - so much fun!

One of the funny events of the night was the conclusion of a 20 year bet which we all made on the last night of college exams- to see who would lose the least amount of hair...

And here we are 20+ years on and the time to announce the winner was last night. Guess who won!!

Disclaimer: no scalps were harmed in the taking of this photograph!

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